About Us

MEDIAAN ABS financial service, is a financial service company, operates at the intersection of two powerful and dynamic industries – Project Finance and real estate investment. As one of the world’s foremost Financial Service Investment company, we use the power of capital to unlock the value of finance, partnering with leading banks and financial service providers, developers, research and, innovators and organizations whose success is buoyed by the strong demographic trends of an aging population and increased life expectancy. For over twenty years, MEDIAAN ABS financial service has followed a successful strategy that endures: combining a high quality diverse portfolio with industry leading partners who bring both scale and skill, and a collaborative and experienced team focused on producing consistent growing cash flows and superior returns on a strong balance sheet, ultimately rewarding MEDIAAN ABS financial service shareholders with extraordinary outperformance.

MEDIAAN ABS financial service operates on the basis of successful Peer to Peer Lending models that have proven their efficiency in the world, and have managed to significantly reduce the interest margins between those who grant a loan and those who request it.

The secret of success lies in the possibility of carrying out a fast and reliable check, based on numerous sources of information and on a limited number of documents and bank checks. The elements thus collected allow MEDIAAN ABS financial service to have an accurate picture of each applicant and their solvency. All in a safe, secure and discreet way.

In this way we give peace of mind to those who grant loans and a quick response to those who request a loan.

Ultimately, the two sides involved in financing need to feel safe and secure. This is the fundamental principle of private loan.

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